Reviewing P-Card Transactions

Credit card fraud is an every-day occurrence in the world today.  To minimize the possibility of fraud occurring on a P-Card, we suggest not storing your card number in any online accounts, maintaining your card at all times and reviewing transactions as they post to your Concur account.  If you have not disabled email notifications in Concur, you should receive an email every time a transaction posts to your account.  The earlier the fraud is found, the easier it is to correct.

If you feel that you have fraudulent activity on your P-Card, please contact Regions directly using the telephone number on the back of your card.  The bank will review all recent authorizations and postings to your account to ensure that all fraudulent activity is found and disputed.  If your card is canceled, please notify P-Card Services at so that our internal records can be updated and your new card can be ordered and received as quickly as possible.