Author: jclements

Regions P-Cards

The transition to Concur has brought many changes for all departments. One major change has been the issuance of the new Regions p-cards to current and new cardholders. These cards are sent out as quickly as possible by P-Card Services, but due to the volume of new card orders and the number of individuals training near deadlines, there is a slight delay. To ensure that your card is indeed sent out in a timely fashion, please verify that you have completed all required trainings. This includes two online courses that are found in Skillport: P-Card Policies & Procedures for all new plastic cardholders only and Concur training. If you have any questions concerning the training requirements, please email P-Card Services at

Travel Only P-Cards

With the implementation of Concur, several departments are considering ordering cards for their faculty and staff. We have several options with these cards, but the most popular is a “Travel Only” card. This type of card can only be used with vendors that have a travel merchant category code associated with their business. Airfare, lodging, taxis/uber, shuttle services, baggage fees and most parking garages have travel MCCs. Examples of travel costs typically declined due to this restriction would be conference registration fees and parking charges with vendors who do not have a travel MCC. This “Travel Only” restriction can be lifted with an email from the cardholder’s Supervisory Approver or Budgetary Approver. These requests, along with any other questions concerning this topic, should be emailed to P-Card Services at

P-Card Transitions to Regions Credit Cards

P-Card Services is currently in the process of transitioning from Bank of America credit cards to Regions credit cards. All cardholders should continue using their Bank of America p-card until their department is contacted to complete Concur training. Once training has been completed, P-Card Services will issue Regions cards within 3 to 5 business days. If you have any questions, please contact Brittany Burleson at