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Important Deadlines for Year End

P-Card packets are normally due in P-Card Services by the end of the day on the 18th of each month unless the 18th falls on a weekend.  If this is the case, packets are due by the end of the day on the following Monday.

With year-end rapidly approaching, and all of the tasks associated with it that must be completed, the deadline for September P-Card packets has been extended to Monday, October 26th.  All transactions with a purchase date of September 30th or before should be reconciled by Monday, October 12th and will post to FY2015 funds.  Any transactions with an October 1st or after purchase date should not be reconciled until October 15th.

Rental Cars

Did you know you can use your P-Card to rent vehicles for prospective employees and guests of the University?  Our current contract vendor, Enterprise, offers a corporate program that allows University departments to set up a corporate account, with the P-Card as a form of payment, so that vehicles can be rented to someone other than the cardholder.  For more information on how to set up an account, please click the image below.  If you have any other questions regarding rental vehicles, please contact Patrick Sexton, Senior Buyer, at 348-0064.

When a vehicle is rented for University business, P-Card Services requires an itemized receipt and written justification detailing why the rental was necessary.  This information should be submitted with the P-Card packet.

Timely Reconciliation

Completed P-card packets are due in the P-Card Services office by the end of the day on the 18th of each month. To ensure that your packet is completed and received by the due date, we recommend reconciling your charges throughout the month, not after the statement arrives. By doing so, this eliminates the rush to make any corrections for taxes paid, posting errors or fraudulent activity. Reconciling throughout the month will also ensure that your credit line is completely refreshed on the first day of the new cycle allowing you to continue making the purchases needed.

If you have any problems reconciling, please contact Seprona James.

Email us! you know that P-Card Services now has a customer service email account?  Feel free to email any questions regarding packet due dates, allowable/prohibited items, limit increases or any other P-Card related questions you may have.  This email box will be reviewed throughout the day.

Documenting P-Card Charges

Each purchasing card transaction must be documented appropriately to ensure the allowability of the expense.  This documentation consists of itemized receipts and business purpose statements.

Itemized receipts must clearly identify what was purchased and where the items were purchased, the date and quantity of purchase, and the cost of each item.  Examples of itemized receipts include invoices and packing receipts where the total listed matches the total charged.  Business purpose statements explain why the purchase was made and how the items further the mission and goals of the department.  Business purpose statements should be entered for each transaction.


Aramark/Bama Dining Charges

Several departments across campus use Aramark/Bama Dining for their catering needs. These expenses, if at all possible, should be paid for using the Purchasing Card. When reconciling these charges, you will need to complete an Entertainment Expense Form to be included with the P-Card documentation or provide the information within the form in the comments field. Itemized receipts are required for these purchases as well.

Deadline Extended

Completed P-Card packets are normally due in P-Card Services by the end of the day on the 18th of each month. Since the due date for February packets, March 18th, falls during UA’s Spring Break (March 16th – 20th), these packets will be extended until the end of the day on Wednesday, March 25th. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brittany Burleson at

Relocation Expenses


Moving expenses for a candidate after he or she has accepted a position at UA are reimbursable expenses and are paid at the discretion of the department, however, these expenses are prohibited on the P-Card because they are taxable to the individual.

Examples of moving expenses include:   household moving, travel, lodging and meals during the move, any pre-moving travel and lodging, pre-moving meals and temporary quarters.  This includes airfare and lodging needed while on a house-hunting trip after the job is accepted.Any relocation expenses not paid by PO should be paid for personally, then reimbursed via a Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher.  Please see the UA Spending Policy for more guidance.

In-State Travel

Please remember that while traveling within the state of Alabama, personal meals, lodging and gratuities are not allowable on the P-Card due to State of Alabama per diem regulations.  These expenses should be paid for personally and an In-State Travel Voucher should be submitted to Accounts Payable upon return.  Business entertainment meals with a valid justification while in travel status are allowable on the P-Card.

Please refer to UA’s Travel Policy for additional information on in-state travel.


Fraud is a daily occurrence that can affect any person who uses a credit card on a regular basis.  Our P-Card issuer, Bank of America, has a very sophisticated fraud department that is constantly reviewing credit card authorizations and transactions for authenticity.  If you receive a telephone call from Bank of America, please do not be alarmed; they simply would like to discuss your recent transaction history.  The Bank should never ask for your full credit card number, but instead ask for your work address and phone number for verification purposes.  If it is determined that your P-Card has been compromised, you may cancel your card and have a new card reissued.  Please be sure to notify P-Card Services of this change.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our P-Card Coordinator, Seprona James at or 348-8645.