P-Card Limit Increases

Need to spend more than $4,999 on a single purchase using your P-card? Our goal is to provide cardholders with the fastest customer service possible when it comes to processing single purchase limit increases. To expedite your increase requests, please keep the following in mind:

  • All single purchase increase requests require a copy of an itemized invoice or quote and approval from a supervisory or budgetary approver.
  • Are you purchasing through a contract vendor? If so, approval is not needed. If purchasing from a non-contract vendor, also provide UA buyer approval.
  • Are you purchasing a single item over $5,000? Also include UA buyer approval.
  • Are you purchasing promotional items, clothing or uniforms imprinted or embroidered with logos, UA artwork, or marketing and advertising materials? If so, you will need to provide a copy of the branding and licensing form.
  • It is also important to include when the purchase will be made. Increases are typically in effect for a limited amount of time.
  • If you also need a temporary or permanent monthly limit increase, please provide an amount and the length of time you need the monthly increase to be in effect. Monthly limits are set at the department level based on need. If you are unsure of your monthly limit or available funds, you can find out how to check this information here.

If you have any other questions, please contact P-Card Services at pcard@fa.ua.edu.

Important P-Card Transaction Deadlines

With Fiscal Year 2018 closing in a few short weeks, the P-Card deadline of reconciling previous month transactions by the 18th day of the following month must be followed by all cardholders.  All transactions (travel and non-travel) with a prior month transaction date must be added to a report, submitted, approved by supervisor, budgetary and added approvers, and routed to either P-Card Services or Accounts Payable by 5 pm on the 18th day of the following month.  To assist cardholders in reconciling outstanding transactions by this deadline, cardholders will receive a reminder email with a listing of all outstanding transactions on the 14th of each month.  This email will be sent directly from the Concur system (autonotification@concursolutions.com).  If the transactions are not reconciled and received in either Accounts Payable or P-Card Services by 5 pm on the 18th, an email notification will be sent out on the 19th directly to the cardholder and will include the cardholder’s supervisor and applicable budget manager.  Failure to reconcile by the last working day of the month will result in card suspension on the first working day of the next month.

All transactions (travel and non-travel) that have a 6/30/18 or prior transaction date should have been reconciled, approved and routed to P-Card Services or Accounts Payable at this time.  All cardholders with outstanding transactions with a transaction date of June 30, 2018 or prior will receive an email notification today.  If these transactions are not received by P-Card Services or Accounts Payable by 5 pm on Monday, August 6th, cards will be suspended first thing Tuesday morning, August 7th.  Reconciliation will be monitored on a daily basis and cards will be reactivated after all charges have been reconciled, approved and received by P-Card Services or Accounts Payable.  If you have any questions or need help with reconciling, please email pcard@fa.ua.edu.

As a reminder, at year-end, cardholders will have a much shorter window to reconcile September transactions in order to post to fiscal year 2018.  Transactions with a September transaction date must be reconciled by October 8th at 5:00 pm.

Branding and Licensing Form Required

Procurement Services has joined together with Strategic Communications and Trademark Licensing to help campus departments and organizations protect the University’s brand, image and reputation by ensuring that public-facing promotions adhere to approved brand standards.  To do so, a Branding and Licensing Approval Form has been created.  This form should be completed for promotional items and/or clothing with a UA logo and for Marketing and Advertising materials.  The approved form should be attached to the P-Card transaction in Concur as part of the receipt.  Also, if a single purchase limit increase is needed, the approved form should be attached to the email request, along with a copy of the invoice and approval from a supervisory or budgetary approver.  For additional information on this topic, please visit the Branding and Licensing section of the Purchasing website.

Duplicate Posting RESOLVED

The double posting issue has now been resolved.  If your card was affected by this issue, you should see credits for double posted debits and debits for double posted credits in your Available Expenses in Concur.  You are encouraged to reconcile these charges at your earliest convenience.  If a receipt is required for any of these transactions, please attach a copy of the email from Concur (concur@fa.ua.edu) as your documentation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused and we are hopeful that this is a one-time occurrence.  If you have any questions concerning this topic, or do not see a credit/debit, please contact P-Card Services at pcard@fa.ua.edu.

Reviewing P-Card Transactions

Credit card fraud is an every-day occurrence in the world today.  To minimize the possibility of fraud occurring on a P-Card, we suggest not storing your card number in any online accounts, maintaining your card at all times and reviewing transactions as they post to your Concur account.  If you have not disabled email notifications in Concur, you should receive an email every time a transaction posts to your account.  The earlier the fraud is found, the easier it is to correct.

If you feel that you have fraudulent activity on your P-Card, please contact Regions directly using the telephone number on the back of your card.  The bank will review all recent authorizations and postings to your account to ensure that all fraudulent activity is found and disputed.  If your card is canceled, please notify P-Card Services at pcard@fa.ua.edu so that our internal records can be updated and your new card can be ordered and received as quickly as possible.

Chip and Signature P-Cards

With the transition from Bank of America to Regions as our credit card provider, we have moved away from a Chip and PIN card to a Chip and Signature card. This means that you no longer have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) associated with your p-card and only your signature is required at the credit card terminal. Since signatures can be forged, please be sure to keep your card in a secure location at all times. If for some reason your card becomes lost, stolen or compromised, notify P-Card Services immediately at pcard@fa.ua.edu.

Limit Increase Requests

We know that time is often of the essence when you are making purchases with your P-Card. Our goal is to process increases as quickly as possible, but sometimes temporary limit increases can take up to an hour to process. Here are a few tips to expedite limit increase requests:

  • Make sure you have included all basic information, such as which employee’s card will need an increase. If an employee has more than one card, please include the last four digits of the card that will be used.
  • Provide a time period for temporary limit increases. Single purchase limits are open for up to 3 days, so please let us know when the vendor will run your card. Monthly limit increases typically last through the end of the month.
  • Limit increases must be approved by your supervisory or budgetary approver. We cannot process your increase until it is approved. For single purchase limit increases, a quote or invoice should be included with your request.
  • To expedite single purchase limit increases from noncontract vendors, please include approval from a UA buyer. If you have obtained a licensing form for this purchase, please include that form with your request.
  • Please send all limit increase requests to pcard@fa.ua.edu for the fastest service.
  • If you are making a purchase through BuyBama, there is no need to contact us about an increase. We will process the increase as a part of the BuyBama approval process.

Thank you for your cooperation, and happy spending!

Checking Available Funds for Regions P-Cards

The fastest way to find out the available funds on your new Regions p-card is to call the number listed on the back of your card (888-934-1087). This is an automated process so you will need to follow the prompts. Select option 1 for General Card Information, then enter your 16-digit card number. Next, you will be asked for your four-digit access code. This is the last 4 digits of your CWID. To hear your available credit limit and total credit limit on your card, press 2. After hearing your available balance, if you are in need of a monthly or single purchase limit increase, please email pcard@fa.ua.edu.

Regions P-Cards

The transition to Concur has brought many changes for all departments. One major change has been the issuance of the new Regions p-cards to current and new cardholders. These cards are sent out as quickly as possible by P-Card Services, but due to the volume of new card orders and the number of individuals training near deadlines, there is a slight delay. To ensure that your card is indeed sent out in a timely fashion, please verify that you have completed all required trainings. This includes two online courses that are found in Skillport: P-Card Policies & Procedures for all new plastic cardholders only and Concur training. If you have any questions concerning the training requirements, please email P-Card Services at pcard@fa.ua.edu.

Travel Only P-Cards

With the implementation of Concur, several departments are considering ordering cards for their faculty and staff. We have several options with these cards, but the most popular is a “Travel Only” card. This type of card can only be used with vendors that have a travel merchant category code associated with their business. Airfare, lodging, taxis/uber, shuttle services, baggage fees and most parking garages have travel MCCs. Examples of travel costs typically declined due to this restriction would be conference registration fees and parking charges with vendors who do not have a travel MCC. This “Travel Only” restriction can be lifted with an email from the cardholder’s Supervisory Approver or Budgetary Approver. These requests, along with any other questions concerning this topic, should be emailed to P-Card Services at pcard@fa.ua.edu.