AirBnB and VRBO Purchases

AirBnB and VRBO are gaining in popularity as ways to utilize housing accommodations while traveling on behalf of the University. Prior to booking with either of these vendors, Risk Management needs to review the following information to ensure the safety of all UA employees, students and guests:

  • The address of the property
  • Total number of days needed
  • Total number of occupants
  • Whether the building has fire sprinklers
  • If there are 5 stories or more
  • Property ratings – Ideally this would be 4 out of 5 stars or at least an 80% positive customer feedback rating

If the property is approved through Risk Management, then Contract Management in the Procurement Services area will need to review any contracts or agreements that contain any terms and/or conditions for the rental. After all approvals are obtained, you may use a University Purchasing Card as a form of payment. If a monthly or single purchase limit increase is needed, please contact

buyBAMA Catalog Orders over $4,999.99

For buyBAMA catalog orders that total over $4,999.99, it is necessary to enter the following information in the Internal Notes section on the Checkout tab.  This will help expedite the processing of the P-Card single purchase limit through the approval workflow.

  • Cardholder name
  • Last 4 digits of the card number
  • Business purpose explanation

Once the Requester completes the Checkout tab, the order will be routed through the approval queue and then returned to the order originator for the credit card information to be entered.  If you have any additional questions about buyBAMA, please email

TSA Pre✓®

The costs associated with TSA Pre-Check service are not allowable on state funds (Chart A). Payment via P-Card, or personal credit/debit card seeking reimbursement, may be made only if approval is obtained to charge the expense to foundation funds. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact P-Card Services or Accounts Payable.


Uber, an on-demand ride-sharing service, is gaining popularity and momentum across the U.S. as an alternative to traditional taxi services. If you are traveling to a city were Uber operates, you can simply use the Uber App (available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices) to request a ride and pay for your ride using a credit/debit card.

Before using this service, an Uber account will need to be created. If traveling for University business and paying for this service using your P-Card or seeking reimbursement through a Travel Voucher, you should create a Business Profile. To do so, select “Settings” then select “Profiles” within the app. When you create a business profile, you’ll be prompted to associate a business email address and credit card. Trips taken on your business profile default to this credit card, and all trip receipts are sent to your business email. These receipts will need to be included with the p-card packet or reimbursement request.

Please note that Uber fares are based on supply and demand and are typically more cost-effective than taxis, but not during peak or high-activity times. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact P-Card Services or Accounts Payable.

Sam’s Club Purchases

Sam’s Club has recently started accepting Visa credit cards as a payment method. As such, Accounts Payable will no longer provide Wal-mart Credit Cards for Sam’s Club Purchases. Departments should now use a University P-Card for these purchases. As a reminder, the UA Membership with Sam’s Club is intended for departments to purchase food items. Non-food items require pre-approval by a buyer in the Purchasing Department.

Departments should continue to pick up the Sam’s Club UA Membership Card from the front desk of Procurement Services in the South Lawn Office Building at 1101 Jackson Avenue, Suite 3000, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 between the hours of 8:00 -12:00 and 1:00 – 4:30. The membership card must be returned to Procurement Services within 48 hours of checking out. For more information, please see the Sam’s Club Purchases webpage.

Please be aware that Sam’s Club may require your assigned PIN number. Please see the P-Card website for more on how to use your PIN number.

P-Card Documentation

Receipts for P-Card charges come in various shapes and sizes, and each one contains different information. The most efficient receipts include the vendor name, date of purchase, each item that was purchased and the price of each item. Good examples of receipts are itemized packing slips, emailed receipts for online purchases, and cash register receipts from local vendors.

Receipts directly from BuyBama and other order confirmations that do not match the amount charged to the P-card should not be submitted with the packet. For additional information on this topic, please visit the Documentation Requirements section of the Purchasing Card Policy & Procedures found on the P-Card website.

Toner Scam Alert

Recently there have been several reports of toner scam phone calls. The calls come from 384-9000 which means that the caller ID has been blocked. The individual identifies himself as being with the corporate office and pressures the UA employee for a credit card number so he can process the order. This situation happens frequently as there are numerous companies that target the University trying to get departments to order toner from them. If you receive calls about ordering toner you should decline or refer them to Jana Weaver in the Purchasing Department. The companies that call are typically very persistent and will try to make it sound like they are our contract vendors or that you have placed an order with them previously. They will try any way they can to get you to order, including offering free samples that are not free. Please do not give your information to these companies.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jana Weaver by email or at 205-348-3954.

P-Card Reminders

P-Card Services would like to remind all cardholders and approving officials of the following information:

  1. In-State Travel
    • While traveling on official University business within the state of Alabama, personal meals, lodging and gratuities are not allowable on the P-Card due to State of Alabama per diem regulations.  These expenses should be paid for personally and an In-State Travel Voucher should be submitted to Accounts Payable upon return.  Business entertainment meals with a valid justification while in travel status are allowable on the P-Card.  Please refer to the UA Travel Policy for additional guidance.
  2. Personal Meals while in Travel Status
    • While traveling on official University business outside of the state of Alabama, personal meals are not allowable on the P-Card.  These expenses are reimbursed at the actual cost of the meals including gratuities up to $45.00 per day without receipts or up to $75.00 per day with itemized receipts.  Business entertainment meals with a valid justification while in travel status are allowable on the P-Card.  Please refer to the UA Travel Policy for additional guidance.
  3. Relocation Expenses
    • Moving expenses for a candidate after he or she has accepted a position at UA are reimbursable expenses and are paid at the discretion of the department, however, these expenses are prohibited on the P-Card because they are taxable to the individual.
    • Examples of moving expenses include:  household moving, travel, lodging and meals during the move, any pre-moving travel and lodging, pre-moving meals and temporary quarters.  This includes airfare and lodging needed while on a house-hunting trip after the job is accepted.  Any relocation expenses not paid by PO should be paid for personally, then reimbursed via a Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher.  Please see the UA Spending Policy for additional guidance.
  4. Licensing Approval Forms
    • Trademark Licensing has determined that all purchases of items that bear University logos or insignia that refer to any University department or program now be reviewed and approved prior to purchase using the Licensing Approval Form. A copy of this form should be included when requesting temporary single purchase limit increases and with the completed P-Card packet.  We appreciate your assistance in making this transition go as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions please see the Trademark Licensing
  5. Chip & PIN Technology
    • For additional information on this new technology or to retrieve a lost PIN, please visit the Chip & PIN Technology section of the P-Card Services website.
  6. Procurement Services Drop Box
    • Procurement Services recently installed a new drop box in front of our office building, the South Lawn Office Building.  This mailbox-style drop off point is a secure way for you to leave p-card packets and travel vouchers for us.  We check this box at least twice a day, and more frequently on the due date, so you can rest assured that we will retrieve your dropped items promptly.

Please email our department if you have any questions,

Relocation Expenses

Once again, it’s time for new faculty and staff to begin the journey of becoming an employee at The University of Alabama. This often brings with it several questions about relocation expenses which are paid at the discretion of the department. Given that these expenses are taxable to the individual, they should be paid through a Purchase Order or reimbursed through a Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher. These expenses are not allowable on the P-Card.

Examples of relocation expenses include:

  • Airfare and lodging needed while on a house-hunting trip after the position has been accepted
  • Household moving, travel, lodging, and meals during the move
  • Pre-moving travel and lodging
  • Pre-moving meals
  • Temporary quarters

Please see the Relocation Information on the Purchasing Website and the UA Spending Policy for additional guidance.

Bento for Business Cards

It has recently come to the attention of P-Card Services that some areas of campus have received “Bento for Business” credit cards.  Please be aware that these cards are not approved by the University.  They are identified as a black credit card with an activation sticker on the front.  They are also advertised as a commercial card built just for small business.  If you receive one or more of these cards, please campus mail them to P-Card Services, Box 870130.