P-Card Storage in Concur

  • May 11th, 2022
  • in News

P-Card Services distributed new US Bank P-Cards to College/Department Budget Managers in December prior to the University’s Holiday Break. The Regions P-Cards were then deactivated at the end of December. As more and more P-Card holders are beginning to travel, we are receiving reports of credit cards declining during the travel booking process. In the instances reported, the individuals had not updated the P-Card in their Concur profiles from the Regions P-Card to the new US Bank P-Card. This causes the card to decline and the reservation to be routed to Christopherson Business Travel (CBT). CBT will email the traveler with instructions to correct the issue within 24 hours. Once the card is updated in the profile, the user must respond to CBT who will then complete the booking. However, as a travel agent must be involved in the booking, this will trigger a $17 agent assist fee on the reservation. In order to prevent this issue and the resulting fee, please ensure that you have updated the credit card in your profile to your new US Bank P-Card (instructions below).

From the Concur Homepage, select Profile and Profile Settings.
Select Credit Card Information. This will direct you to the Credit Cards section of your user profile.
Select + Add a Credit Card.
Complete the fields in the form.
In the “Use this card as the default card for:” section, please ensure that you have selected the modes of travel that you will be booking in Concur.