When are p-card transactions due?

Where is Purchasing Card Services located?

What is a Purchasing Card?

Who is eligible to receive a Purchasing Card?

How do I get a card?

Why should I use a Purchasing Card?

What kind of purchases can be made using the Purchasing Card?

What is a receipt?

If I am a University Cardholder, is my personal credit affected?

What purchases cannot be made using the Purchasing Card?

When are transactions charged to my budget?

Can I stop payment on an item that is being returned?

What do I do if tax is charged on a transaction?

Can I charge University business travel to the Purchasing Card?

What information is required in letters or emails when referencing a P-Card?

What is the difference between a fraudulent transaction and a disputed transaction?

How do I make a charge with the P-Card?

Should I pay state sales tax on purchases made with my P-Card?

My P-Card will be expiring soon. Do I need to reorder a renewal P-Card?

How can I change the spending limits on my P-Card?

How do I dispute a charge on my P-Card account?

How can I update my address?

How do I cancel my P-Card?

I am transferring to another department within the University. Do I need to apply for a new P-Card?

What do I do if I suspect fraud on my P-Card?

What do I do if I have lost my P-Card or if my P-Card has been stolen?

How do I check my available funds?